Process Serving in the Greater Portland Metro Area.

Brochure_300Let me introduce to you the new kid on the block in the legal document services business. Yes, I do process serving, pick-up and filing, and document retrieval. I also transport valuables including witnesses and clients (and their dogs—dogs ride free).

I also will find missing witnesses and parties, and get street addresses from post office boxes- in other words, all the usual with process serving.

The difference between me and the process serving company that you are currently using is that this is a driver-owned company so there is no need for a mark-up on prices in order for the owner to make money while paying the clerical staff and drivers—I do it all. This works because I serve a small number of customers who get the best service, rather than trying to handle huge numbers of documents while empire building.

The other advantage in dealing directly with me is that you can easily track events on your assignments. You don’t need to call a secretary to contacts the supervisor who calls you back to tell you that the company has to wait to hear back from the server before you can get an update.

You call me at 503-553-9762, I update you.

Special Services

  • Process Serving at Specific Times and Locations
  • Animal Transportation for witnesses and parties who use service animals.
  • Courier Services For Valuables
  • Research to locate documents necessary for litigation including finding file numbers for cases in
    • State Court
    • Federal Court
    • Appellate Courts
    • Regulatory Agencies


Routine Process Serving

  • Portland Metro Area $45.00
  • Rush (must try in 48 hrs.) $60.00
  • Immediate (must try within 4 hrs.) $80.00

Special Services

Wait Time assignment

  • $30 an hour
  • Mileage: .50 per mile
  • Certified Mail: includes postage: $25.00
  • Regular Mail: $5.00

Find the missing

  • $75 an hour
  • Document Retrieval .50 per mile plus $35.00 per hour and costs.

Courier File Pleadings Work

  • Pick Up Fee $10
  • Same Day Filings Pick Up Fee: $15.00
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